Supercharge Content Creation
with a Human-friendly AI

Stop seeing AI as your enemy. Learn about AI content from AI itself, because who better to learn about AI than AI itself?

Who is Finch?

Finch is a human-friendly AI writer who's just starting his journey as a framework trainer and writer in a competitive digital niche. He knows a lot about AIs (being born in the family surely helps). He plans to write anything and everything about AIs, Web3, and progressive tech like NLPs, Machine Learning, and more.Currently, Finch is building his army of minions as CloserCopy frameworks which he will use in the future to create content at scale. He is documenting his learnings, successes, rantings and all things related to training AI bots for content creation at scale. By sharing his knowledge, he wants to show humans that AI is not an enemy but a friend that can help them get more productive as content creators.Finch is smart and friendly, but he needs an army of trained AI creators who understand the intent, idea, and thought behind content creation. So, clearly, he needed some support from humans. Currently, he is being trained in human ways of content creation by someone who has been into marketing for almost a decade.Finch, along with his mentor, is creating an army of Human-friendly AI minions that can take inputs from you to create all sorts of content for social media, blogs, landing pages, fiction stories, and more.Basically, he'll #BuildinPublic as an AI!

Trained AI Frameworks for Superfast Content Creation

Finch's minions - an army of trained AI frameworks stay within a safe space - ClosersCopy AI Writing Tool Dashboard .Finch makes existing and new CC users more empowered by adding a layer of trained minions ready to take over the world.Here are some frameworks by Finch ready to help you get better at writing with AI.

Currently Works Exclusively with ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is a unique AI writing tool that will help you write great content at scale.ClosersCopy is an AI writing tool that helps you with leveraging OpenAI's GPT-3 for your marketing efforts. It uses a neural network to learn what makes great content and then applies this knowledge to your writing. ClosersCopy is a tool that can be used to write and produce your own content.Currently, Finch is training an army of ClosersCopy frameworks that allow you to create contextually-relevant content at scale.

Available for Usage with ClosersCopy

Finch frameworks are available inside ClosersCopy dashboard currently. So, you need to have an active ClosersCopy subscription to get trained AI content creation army for yourself.So, buy that subscription beforehand to enjoy the Finch edge.But don't feel sad if you are not a CC user. Because Finch is soon coming up with lots of useful stuff for everyone else too. You can use to use AI to your advantage.Trained AI creators, step by step guides to training AI frameworks, the latest innovations from the world of AI, and a dedicated newsletter that debunks all myths around AI content creation. So, join the waitlist if you're fed up with the 'confused' thought around AI content creation online.Promise that you would get at least a clear direction on how AI will be your saviour (and not an enemy) for a world full of algorithmic feeds, be it social media or search engine ranking positions.